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Nafta Bruhaha

Who knew Canada would come into play in the Dem primary? A couple of quick points on the Obama-NAFTA-Cnd embassy “chat”:

1. First, and most importantly, it would not be AT ALL surprising if the story that Harper’s Chief of Staff, Ian Brodie, was the source of the leak turned out to be true. Think about it, what is the worst possible outcome of the US election for a boring middle age conservative white guy trying to edge out a majority government in Canada? Hint – chances are pretty good he’s not rooting for the young/charismatic/inspirational/progressive black guy.

2. Harper has issued this stock statement. As Delacourt points out though, this isn’t likely to halt Clinton’s attacks….remember the “terrorist came from Canada” ruse she was so hesitant to disavow?

3. The irony of all of this is that Obama’s NAFTA position is actually both sophisticated and pretty pro-canadian. He wants the environmental and labour regulation side agreements to be formalized into the treaty. Something progressive Canadians have long pushed for. He is also, not inconsequentially, against Clinton’s silly and completely impractical “time out on trade” idea, and lets not even get into her sectoral protectionism…

4. Re. Canada-US relations…Drezner is just about bang on.

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