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Sunday morning prep

In the interest of being prepared for David’s Sunday Morning Round-up, here is a quick look at what some of the Sunday regulars are saying in their pre Sunday show op-eds. Or, “What they are saying in print today that they will be saying on air tomorrow?”

Clift asks: ‘where’s Cheney?’
Kristol slams Rumsfeld’s and joins the choir suggesting that he should be replaced by a post-primary-loss Lieberman.
Beinhart comes to Liberman’s defense, sort of.
Kagan suggests Lieberman’s sin was not recanting on the war.
Buchanan says its time to talk to the terrorists.
Ignatius looks to 1973 for middle east lessons, particularly regarding US involvement.
Blankley wonders if ‘world opinion’ has ever been right?
Dershowitz challenges the ‘occupation causes terrorism’ trope.
Novak looks at who’s with Bolton and who’s against him.
Krauthhammer questions whether Israel is, and will remain, a US ally or liability.
Brooks suggests the emergence of a ‘Wal-Mart leisure class’.
Broder questions the wisdom of the status quo in both Iraq and Lebanon.
Blumenthal discusses the broader implications/connotations of sharing NSA intelligence with Israel.
And, Friedman, in big punditry news, makes a major shifts in position on Iraq.

OK, that’s a start anyway, what am I missing?

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  1. 安全な電力平準化と金…


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