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The Canadian primaries…sort of

For Canadian political followers, (count me in!), it’s a big weekend. After months of grassroots intra-party campaigning, the Liberal Party is choosing the delegates who will choose their next leader…in two months at the convention. If nothing but thorough, not to mention incomprehensibly complicated, the race is turning into a three way competition between Ignatieff (my horse), Stephen Dion (owlish Quebequoi), and Bob Rae (‘reformed’ Ontario premierial socialist). While Ignatieff as expected has 30ish% support with about a quarter of the votes in, he may well be faced with a Dion/Rae alliance at the convention, who ironically, need each other’s delegates to win their home provinces (ed – what’s Ignatieff’s “home province” again? Point taken). In any case, the results can be watched in real time here, these three sites are pretty good for regular updates, and it’s hard to beat these two guys for snarky leadership commentary…

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