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Wanna buy a war?

Together, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have just become the second costliest in US history (as absolute dollars, not percentage of GDP). So what have other US wars cost? Below is a list from the Congressional Research Service, figs are in Billions of 2006 bucks.

  • The American Revolution: $1.54
  • War of 1812: $1.14
  • Mexican War: $1.71
  • Civil War: $61.9 (Combined Union and Confederate armies)
  • Spanish American War: $9.3
  • World War I: $346.67
  • World War II: $3,235.96
  • Korea: $409.09
  • Vietnam: $536.23
  • Gulf War: $90.24
  • Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan: $609 (so far…)

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